Sadly, today’s world is filled with worry, uncertainty, and stress. As a result, many Christians have lost their reliance on God simply because they do not profoundly know God.

In a six-week devotional study for the serious student of Gods word and seeker of the Lords identity and character, Pastor Nonie Sables guides believers through the basics of faith to understand the attributes and nature of our almighty God, and ultimately find comfort in the realization that he’s got us for eternity—no matter what our challenges in life. With a focus on helping believers understand concepts without compromising the truth, Sables shares a spiritual roadmap that concisely explains the sovereignty of God as well as his grace, love, forgiveness, mercy, and righteousness. Included are applicable scriptures, lessons, and thoughtful questions that invite deep thought and reflection.
Don’t Worry, Gods Got You! is a six-week devotional study that shares a roadmap that guides Christians to understand and trust that Gods got them in every situation of their lives.


  1. If you want to understand God’s character better and deepen your relationship with Him, this book is an excellent choice.

    Pastor Nonie has skillfully compiled Biblical truths, making it a captivating read.

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