Joshua 1: 1-9

In our discussion in the first part of this article, we emphasized that the God of Joshua is a God who fulfills His promises. In this discussion, we will see that He is not only the God who gives and fulfills His promises, He is also the God who gives commandments. We can say that it can be seen as instructions too. It is a good thing that we are receiving guidance from our God. Let us see.

  1. His Commands

Again, the promise of genuine prosperity and success cannot be assumed apart from obeying God’s clear commands. There are at least three commands that I can cite from this passage;

  1. Be strong and courageous, v. 6, 7a, 9a

I am thinking about why God is commanding Joshua to be strong and courageous, and He said it three times. Is it because Joshua lacks courage and skills? Is he a coward? I don’t think so. Joshua had assisted Moses for many years and has learned a lot of leadership skills that he needs to lead the nation Israel. In other words, he is well prepared. I don’t think he’s a coward because, in most of the battles they fought as a nation, he is in the front line.  I believe that the reason why God is encouraging Joshua to be strong and courageous is that the task ahead would be challenging even though he was trained and prepared. The pressures ahead of him can cause him to turn away from God and put things into his own hands. It happened to Moses when the Israelites grumbled against and opposed him. Even his brother and sister, Aaron and Miriam, murmured against him and fought him. Moses himself was not able to enter the Promised Land because of disobedience and disbelief (refer to Numbers 20:8-12).  Now, if God can demand or require obedience from His people and His creation, then He must be a powerful God. The power of God must be the basis for our being strong and courageous.

  • Obey the Law v. 7b, 8a

Two commands in these verses. The Book of the Law shall not depart from his mouth, and also, God commanded Joshua to meditate, read, and study the book of the Law, not only occasional but day and night. Why is that so? Well, God demands obedience, and the only way people will know the commandments that they should obey is to read the Book of the Law. In our time today, it’s the Bible-the Word of God. You see how they can abide by something if they don’t know what to follow, what the exact command is. Though the Law is being read to them, they can only hold or remember so much, and therefore they must keep on rereading it time and time again.

Another thing is that God revealed Himself and His character through the sacred writings. The more they meditate the word of God, the more they will understand the nature of God and the ways of God. The more they know the character and the ways of God, the more they will obey God. And the more they obey God-prosperity and success follows. To obey the Law is a command that’s why the reading, the studying, and meditating the word of God is not an option. People of God must deliberately study and seek the will of God. You see, if we are commanded to obey and study and meditate the word of God, then He must be a mighty God.

So, what’s the point? Now that we know that the God of Joshua is mighty and He displayed it through His promises and His commands, then we are on the right track, we are on the right place, and we are on the true faith. The things that we are doing for God is not wasted; it is not in vain. All the more, we are encouraged to go on obeying Him, serving Him, and worshiping Him. Our powerful God deserves it, and He is worthy of all these things. 


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